Eddie Levert on R&B Lyrics: “Not Every Girl is a Freak”

Soul legend Eddie Levert of has released his debut solo album I Still Have It after more than four decades of success with the O’Jays. The first single, “Last Man Standing” (see below) is one of 12-tracks that express love and personal hurdles the singer has gone through, including the loss of his sons Gerald and Sean Levert.

In a recent interview, the legendary soul man himself explains that the single “Last Man Standing” is an ode to his sons, saying that he went into a dark place where he blamed himself. But after realizing and coming grips with the fact that he had no power in what had happened, he wrote “Last Man Standing” in an attempt to think positively and be happy with his self. He tells The Huffington Post, “[the single] is really about the transition after getting over my sons.”

There are still classic, soulful love songs on the album, he reassures. The song “Lonely,” he says, is about his wife Raquel, inspired from the fact that when she went to Africa, he realized that it would take a long time to get to her if something happened. “And then I realized how much I loved her, which led to that song,” he says.

The seasoned artist also touched on his views about the state of today’s R&B lyrics, coincidentally after the controversial “Ready to Learn” song by new “adult content” crooner Brian McKnight, who took as drastic switch in song content. Known for emotional, romantic ballads such as “Stairway to Heaven,” and “Cry Together,” the veteran crooner thinks that the majority of today’s R&B lyrics lack emotion, saying, “not every girl is a freak.” He goes on the say, “now you treated her like a freak and you were so direct about it, you may have lost the greatest girl in your life. Keeping it real sometimes can be a bit too vulgar.”

Despite being a certified OG in the music game, Levert mentions he would like to work with newer artists such as R. Kelly, Kanye, and Jay-Z, but wants to prove he is worthy to what they’re doing. “I think I was really looking at this album to be the one to prove them that I am still a valuable artist,” he explains.

Somehow, we believe that they don’t need any convincing.

I Still Have It is now available on iTunes