Tank – Nowhere Feat. Busta Rhymes

Tank wants his lady all to himself on “Nowhere,” the latest leak from his new album ‘This Is How I Feel.’ On the sensual record featuring rapper Busta Rhymes, the R&B crooner lets his lady know that all she needs is him insisting, “F*cking with me you don’t wanna go nowhere.”

“That song’s pretty much like, we’re gonna have a party here at the house,” Tank told “I know you wanna go out to the club and your homegirl’s callin’ you, but let ’em know you ain’t goin’ nowhere. You’re having a party right here in the house, on this couch, on this sink, on this dining room table.”

He adds. “I called up Busta Rhymes-I hadn’t called him originally ’cause he’s really expensive-and I said, ‘Man, I need your help,’ and he turned his tour bus around and booked a studio in L.A. and recorded the verse for me at 2 in the morning. Hands down, Busta’s my guy.”

Tanks’s fifth studio album ‘This Is How I Feel’ hits stores Tuesday May 8th.

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