Claude Kelly: Being Black and Soulful Is No Longer Cool?

Is there a lack of love in R&B and music in general? Award-winning songwriter Claude Kelly believes there is a deficit when it comes to telling stories about falling in love and being heartbroken.

“We were being taught about life with our music, if you hadn’t been heartbroken before, you had already heard about it from somebody, so when that came along you could refer to something, and that’s not there anymore,” says Kelly. “I’m not sure how it will be fixed and that scares me.”

While Kelly has had success with recording artists including Fantasia, namely the Grammy Award winning and apt song “Bittersweet,” he says it’s almost like being soulful is not cool today.

“It’s almost like being black and being soulful is no longer cool, and that’s scary,” Kelly tells ThisIsRNB.

While you might not agree, Brian McKnight alluded to the same thing recently when defending his now controversial adult mixtape song “If You’re Ready To Learn.”

“Unfortunately no one plays that music anymore. What r true artists supposed to do?” McKnight said when asked why he is not focused on releasing music similar to songs from his discography.

“It’s funny how we listen and let our kids listen to songs about killing people and selling drugs and calling women b***hes,” McKnight went on to say. “I wrote this song, crude as it may be, about satisfying all women and look what happened.”

With that said, do Claude Kelly and Brian McKnight have valid points?