Kirby Lauryen – His Story

Producer: Kirby Lauryen & Darek Cobbs
Album: Risk It All EP

Open a new document on your computer and take notes from Kirby Lauryen. On “His Story,” pianist Darek Cobbs plays in the background, which enables us to focus on the intense lyrics and heighten deliver of each sound vocalist Lauryen delivers.

The storyteller offers insight for both sexes on understanding the “HIStory” of dealing with a new man and his ex-girl. This is not about drama, there is no time for that. Kirby Lauryen’s verses are a clear perspective demanding all sides understand their position for each to move forward.

She recently dropped a 7-track album entitled ‘Risk It All’ that showcases her talent as a songwriter and music arranger. “‘Risk It All’ is a story about how Risking It All for what you love can ultimately lead to victory, but not without cost,” explained Kirby Lauryen.