Album Review: SWV’s “I Missed Us”

SWV is back finding their voices once again for the delight of their fans with their new album, “I Missed Us.” The project is the R&B trio’s first record after a15 year hiatus. Sharing a sisterly bond Tamara (Taj) Johnson, Cheryl (Coko) Clemons and Leanne (Lelee) Lyons are stating once again that real R&B is not dead.

On “Co-Sign,” the lead single from “I Missed Us,” the ladies paint the perfect picture of finding love. “I used to… think I would never find the one. Who will know how to love me, boy this is something. To hear your voice-mail, it makes me wanna call and re-play. The way that you talk yeah, boy you speaking my language.” In the chorus, they sing, “Baby, if you ask me for my love, then I will gladly give it up (ooh). Baby I co-sign, co-sign, co-sign for your lovin…Co-sign, co-sign, baby I’m ready.”

On “Do Ya,” a female anthem featuring newcomer Brianna Perry, the ladies will want to strike their best dancing moves on the dance floor in order to shift the attention towards them.

“The Best Years,” a soft and seductive love song, will make you reminisce about a lost and failed relationship in which you gave someone the best years of your life. “Time to Go,” a break up song, and “Keep You Home,” belt out with perfection Coko’s smooth, sweet and sexy voice. On “If Only You Knew,” a Patti Labelle classic, the trio showcases their amazing talent of blending an original piece with their signature style.

The music veterans also succeed with “All About You,” and “Love unconditionally,” two feel good tracks that will make you move your body unconditionally while holding in your arms the one you love.

“Use Me” finds them begging for love and “Better Than I” will let anyone know that they better watch out for these girls with voices. “I Missed Us,” a smooth and loving hip hop vibe cut, is about not wanting to let go of a love one while “Show Off,” feat. A.X. is the perfect club theme to blow off some steam. At last, “Everything I Love,” one of the most soulful tracks, will transport you back to the 90s, making you feel like you never left.

SWV’s throwback harmonies combine with fresh lyrics is guaranteed to capture positive feedback from longtime fans as well as new ones that will certainly embrace “I Missed Us” with open arms. We this exceptional body of work, I guess we missed them.


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