Cissy Houston Talks Media, Only Daughter Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston’s mother Cissy Houston broke her silence in a New Jersey MY9 news exclusive aired Monday night. Briefly discussing her daughter’s death and the response to it, Houston admitted Whitney struggled but was a wonderful daughter.

“She had her ups and downs… who hasn’t?,” Cissy said Monday. “There’s nothing I can do about it.”

Strong throughout her interview, singing and directing the church choir where Whitney Houston was raised and memorialized, Cissy Houston also addressed the media response to her only daughter’s death.

Admitting she wanted to, at one point, go on air to dispute rumors and talk from people she hasn’t seen or heard from in twenty years, Houston said “God has his way of taking care of all of it.”

“The media is awful. People have come from here and there, don’t know what they’re talking about, people I haven’t seen in twenty they come, think they know everything,” said Houston. “But that’s not true. God got his way of taking care of all of it, and I’m glad I know that.”

As for claims that Whitney Houston was broke in the weeks prior to her death, Cissy said she was far from that.

“She’s not broke. None of that….,” she said. “She was very special to me. Very special. She was my only daughter and a good one. Very good. She looked out for her family.”