THE REVIEW: Georgia Anne Muldrow’s ‘Seed’

Multi-instrumentalist, soul singer and music producer Georgia Anne Muldrow will release ‘Seed’ on March 27th, via SomeOthaShip Connect. The new album is a collaboration with the enigmatic producer Madlib. On “Seed,” listeners will find a Muldrow focused on the lyrics as well as on the vocals, a different experience for a singer who is known to produce her own sound. The LP, a celebration of creativity, connects the spirit of living a meaningful life and self-expression. “It’s about being yourself,” once said the songstress.

Singing with a gracious, jazzy and funky vibe, Muldrow shines as a true aspiring singer who has grown to let her talent shine to her best of fresh, innovative and creative ideas. The west coast native, whose trademark is more about deep soulful melodies and fully crated songs, is now blossoming with “Seed,” a free spirited and descriptive aura accentuated with an unstoppable essence of beats and aspiration.

Muldrow’s first track “Seed” boast a deeply soulful and energetic vibe. While, “Husfriend,” the album’s second official single, which serves as the b-side to the album title track “Seeds,” is an ode to the beauty of committing to another soul. In the chorus, Muldrow sings,” everything I want is here/ All looks perfectly clear.”

The flowing sound of Muldrow on “Seed” shows a solid project based on fully crafted songs and deep melodies; listeners will learn to appreciate the rawness and the originality in her voice as well as the heavy bass and adventurous themes.

Muldrow is from a musical family. Her father, the late Ronald Muldrow, was a jazz musician and her mother, Rickie Byars-Beckwith, is a singer with the Pharoah Sanders Ensemble and co-founder of Sound of Agape Rhythms. She’s also has a son, Nokware Perkins, with her husband. Muldrow’s discography includes various pieces of work from Soul to Jazz to Hip-Hop and she has no intention of limiting herself with one genre. After relocating to New York, the vocalist released in 2005 “Worthnothings,” a seven tracks album, which got the attention of Sa-Ra and the Platinum Pied Pipers, who both asked Muldrow to write songs for them.

Being compared to a modern-day Nina Simone, Muldrow is truly at a place where she channels her true energy, not only as a musician but also as a woman. On her songs, you will find an artist looking to take her craft to a higher ground, someone who does not lose sight of her music and who is always ready to come out with some new and fresh lyrics.

Her unstoppable creativity has led her to work with Dwight Trible, J*Davey, and Erykah Badu as well as to work and produce Perkin’s “Holy Smokes” album.

Yes music is in the blood of Muldrow and with sounds straight from her mind, spirit and soul, the 11 songs project that include tracks such as “Wind”; “Calabash”; “Kali Yuga” and “Best Love” will certainly let anyone know that this dramatic soul strings and friendly album is all they need to listen to.


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