Dionne Warwick Reveals Whitney Houston’s Cause of Death?

It may not be the official cause but, Dionne Warwick believes Whitney Houston died as a result of a heart attack!

Speaking out via ET, Warwick claims Houston’s heart simply “gave out”.

“You know, in all honesty, I think she had a heart attack. That’s what I think happened to her. I think her heart just gave out,” said Warwick.

For weeks there has been much speculation about Houston’s death. Most have speculated that her death was a result of substance abuse or a combination of alcohol and prescription drugs. According to Warwick, there is a possibility that the latter are true but, she’s not sure.

“I don’t know if it’s that or not,” she told ET.

At this point it is unclear when the highly anticipated toxicology report will be released. Houston died just over a month ago.