Emeli Sande – The Essence of Music (Interview)

Newcomer Emeli Sande has been dominant on the U.K charts since releasing her debut album ‘Our Version of Events.’ Now, as she gears up to penetrate the U.S. market, with plans of touring with Coldplay and releasing her album stateside, Emeli opens up to Singersroom about her music and what makes her so great. Below are some snippets from our chat with Emeli.

Fastest UK Selling Album…There’s just so much that’s been happening over the past few months, it’s hard to really sit back and acknowledge everything that’s going on. To have your full album, where you can really explain yourself as an artist, do so well, get to #1, it feels like a dream really.

Her Debut Album…This album is full of me. I guess it’s a snapshot of the past three years and my experiences, my feelings with people around me and the world around me…They’re the most personal songs. If you want to get to know me, the best way is listening to this album.

Being Welcomed in the U.S….I’ve been inspired by so many musicians over here, so many incredible singers and writers, so to kind of be in the country that has given me so much inspiration and to have a great positive reaction so far is just fantastic.

Working with Alicia Keys…It’s very rare that you can go into a writing session and sit down at a piano and play with somebody, especially with another woman. I loved the whole experience and learned a lot from seeing how she works…I got a lot of advice from her about how to stay sane in the industry I guess.

Biggest Thing Learned… Biggest thing I learned is focus on your music. As fast as things can get, as big as anything can get, the only strength you have is with your music.

Emeli Sande’s U.S. release of ‘Our Version of Events,’ is set for June 5th via Capitol/EMI and her latest single “Heaven” is available on iTunes Now.


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