Chris Brown Shakes Off WWE Wrestler Over Twitter Attack

Another day, and another Twitter war for Chris Brown. It seems like controversy from Chris Brown’s Grammy wins and performances have yet to boil over, as more are starting to speak up their thoughts on the R&B singer’s incident three years ago with ex-girlfriend Rihanna. These thoughts have continued to grow and fester with the two collaborating on two remixes for one another as well. After getting into a slight Twitter feud with Miranda Lambert last week, Brown has now found himself exchanging words with WWE wrestler, CM Punk.

The beef first started when CM Punk tweeted, “I would like @chrisbrown fight somebody that can defend themselves. Me curb stomping that turd would be a #wrestlemania moment.”

With that, Breezy responded with a series of tweets that read: “Positivity regardless of how u feel! @CMpunk contact my assistant and I’ll have em send u an autographed pic for my biggest FAN!!! @CMpunk needs more followers. He’s such a leader! not to mention the roids he’s on has made it utterly impossible for him pleasure a woman.” These tweets have since been deleted.

In response, Punk has released a video claiming to not have started this beef for publicity, and that he is only replying now because of Brown’s false accusation of drug usage.

“I’m a life-long, proud, drug-free straight-edge individual. So Chris and I come from two completely different worlds,” Punk said in the video. “I don’t have a manager, bodyguard, assistant, or a PR team to tell me when to Tweet or to delete Tweets. And I don’t hit women. Period.”

Punk continues to blast Brown and call him a “sad, cowardly, little boy,” saying that “picking up trash on the side of a highway does not make amends for repeatedly striking a woman to her face and sending her to a hospital.” Punk even invites Brown to join him inside the fighting ring, with proceeds going to a woman’s charity of Punk’s choosing.

Since the video, Brown went on a Twitter rant, telling the wrestler, “the video u just posted was cute! It’s so funny how defensive u are. And the fact that I really don’t know who you are and could give a shit is the funny part!”

Breezy continued, “Just so teambreezy knows… I’m never ‘ANGRY’ when I speak my mind on twitter! They want me to be mad! Thats the difference! Love.” He also made sure to add, “I miss the real wrestlers! ( Hacksaw Jim duggan, Brett the hitman hart, coco beware, rowdy roddy piper) #Notnopunks.”

And to wrap things up, Brown finally got the memo to stop responding once and for all as he tweeted out, “Note: today will be the last day I bring @cmpunk existence up! The confrontations that people continuously bring my way are very amusing. Cuz honestly, that shit is too time consuming to argue wit every person who has their own issues to deal with!”

Breezy’s tweets have since been deleted. The only recent ones that are still up include a retweet of Russell Simmons telling the 22-year-old singer, “Don’t waste Your energy big brother Let God handle em and let God sort em out,” with Brown following-up with a tweet that reads, “If its not Positive it’s not relevant!”