Dawn Richard Released From Bad Boy Records

It looks like Dawn Richard will be kicking the year off with a fresh new start as she ventures out as a solo artist. In an interview with Bossip, she recently revealed that Diddy has officially released her from the Bad Boy label, though she will still be working with him for matters related to Dirty Money. Meanwhile, Dawn will be approaching her music as an independent artist.

“Puff has been really great with being supportive of me starting a solo career, and he’s agreed to let me go from Bad Boy. I’m really grateful to him. He didn’t have to do that,” she explained. “He could have been what they say that he would be, and he wasn’t at all. He gave me a business decision. It was a very amicable decision. Now, it’s just about the music, and I want to make him and them proud of believing in me enough to let me go try it.”

Aside from the change of scenery, Dawn also spoke about the new style she’s working on capturing outside of the typical R&B sound. In her recently released track “Change,” fans can hear the “raw and militant” sound that she’s been working on.