THE REVIEW: Carl Thomas’ New Album ‘Conquer’

Carl Thomas, the soulful, platinum recording artists known for such hits as, “I Wish,” “Summer Rain,” and “Emotional,” to name a few, is back and definitely looking to impress and “conquer” the game with this assertive album that does everything an R&B head could “wish” for. I’ve personally been looking forward to this album (as a true appreciator of genuine R&B). Let’s get into it.

Our reconnection kicks off with “The Night is Yours,” a head-bopper that sets the mood for the album as a fun-filled authoritative piece. “You run things, the world is yours, seize it.”

Next, “Long Distance Love Affair” slaps you in the face with a super-drummed up beat and old-school feeling melody. With Carl’s soulful vocals laid over it, explaining his passions and intentions in keeping the “affair” intact, it pleases the ear.

We’re told that the album was inspired and rooted in triumph, loss, and Carl’s travels in the world. Though Mr. Thomas had always had an established approach to his art, dare I say that Carl has an even more mature, refined approach this time around. “Conquer,” the record bearing the same name as the album, is reminiscent of both “Emotional” and “Make it Alright” in both Carl’s expression and intensity, yet his approach is different which is very refreshing. Carl’s purpose here is to “Conquer” his woman with love. Do the damn thing!

Round 2” is not my favorite track but it is greatly favored. The word play, delivery, and rhythm are astoundingly well poised over the sweeping instro. A gentle waltz that once again pleases the ear but this time the soul too. Fella’s grab your sig-o (significant other) and enjoy a grown evening, Ladies let the music move, motivate, and make your evening!

“It’s Not The Same” is a reflection of Carl’s change. Though he’s grown as an artist and a man, it’s comforting to still hear some of the elements that captured your interest in his expression of music in the first place. Here Carl talks about the after effects of a relationship that didn’t work out. Nope! He’s not discussing how pots and pans were flying. Like I said, this is a mature, refined display of life’s trials and tribulations.

I can go on and on. I’m feeling the album. If you like Carl Thomas’ other albums, you will surely duly enjoy this one as well.


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