Kelly Rowland Talks Fake Boobs, Father & Ex-Fiance Roy Williams

In the upcoming November issue of the UK edition of Cosmopolitan, Kelly Rowland not only graces the front cover, but also opens up in the cover story about her personal life.

She reveals her feelings towards her estranged biological father, planning for her breast implants for over a decade and also talks about what happened with her failed engagement to football player, Roy Williams.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

On her father: “I haven’t seen my dad for almost 20 years. It’s nothing I want a pity party for. He left me and my mum, and I was angry. I wanted to be a daddy’s girl so bad. God damn The Cosby Show because that made me think ‘Why aren’t my family like that?’ But this is not a perfect world”.

On her breast implants: “I said in an interview a long time ago that I’d get it done because I just had little nuggets for boobs and it was bothering me. The decision was 10 years in the making so I’m comfortable talking about it. It’s something I really wanted to do for myself – not for a man, not for work, for myself… and I love them”.

On her failed engagement to Roy Williams in 2005: “I was too young for marriage,’ she admitted “I remember my sister B [Beyonce] asked me one question: she said, ‘Well, you know what you want now, don’t you?’ and I was like ‘Yes’. It was so hard and embarrassing because everyone knew. I’d posed for the front cover of a magazine in my wedding dress and it was on sale! But sometimes you fall down and you learn from it”.

On British men & co-judge Gary Barlow: “Oh, have you seen how cute they wear their pants [trousers]? All neat and tight. British men are so charming! I love the accent and how they open doors for you – well at least the ones I’ve met so far do! With all due respect to [Gary’s] wife, her husband has the nicest little hiney I have ever seen. Every time he gets up to get a drink of water I’m like, ‘Oops!’ [Does comedy butt-perv mime.] But it’s his smile too. He’s very genuine. I love a person who is straight to the point.”

You can read the full cover story when the issue hits newsstands on October 10th.


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