THE REVIEW: Syleena Johnson’s Chapter V – Underrated

Syleena Johnson’s new album, ‘Chapter V- Underrated,’ is an ambitious one. It not only looks to address issues women in relationships are faced with daily, but it also looks to set the record straight for those who are unfamiliar with Syleena and her abilities.

She starts off with a track that explains the latter half of the album’s title (Underrated). She pays respect to her fans and lambastes those who undercut her abilities. This segues into “A BOSS.” Here, the diva explains what kind of man she likes; someone who is a “Boss like her.”

Appropriately, the next track is an up-tempo beat banger named “FADE AWAY.” Here, she follows up by telling her man what she will do to take care of him and how her love will never fade away.

My personal favorite is “ANGRY GIRL” featuring Tweet. I like this song because of the message behind it. Tweet and Syleena are dedicating this song to those “angry girls” that deter good men from taking more chances with women and as a result hurting the “happy girls” chances at love. Whether you agree with this or not, it’s an interesting concept that is appreciated.

From “Angry Girl” she goes to a track that highlights an angry, insecure boyfriend; “LIKE THORNS.” This track shows how a jealous significant other can turn roses into thorns and ruin the relationship through manifestations of their own imagination. These lyrics are laid over a subtle rhymic piano and supported by Syleena’s strong vocals.

“LITTLE THINGS” featuring Malone is another smooth track displaying Syleena’s feelings towards the glue that keeps a relationship together. This ballad is very melodic and I particularly like the high tone electric guitar that ends the piece. She stays consistent and follows this up with another slow-tempo well arranged track that highlights, I think, the essence of her voice. She sounds very comfortable here and the lyrics are an ode to the old saying, “when the tables are turned.” Great concept reminiscent of Ciara’s “Like A Boy” and Beyonce’s “If I Were A boy.”

As usual we don’t want to give too much away from this album. However, if you think R. Kelly and Kanye’s taste in female artist is consistent with your own, I highly recommend giving Syleena’s album a listen.

Listen & Purchase: Chapter V: Underrated – Listening Session


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