Solange Knowles to Delve Into Fashion With Top Designer

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Going the route of her mother Tina Knowles and sister Beyonce in launching fashion lines, R&B singer Solange Knowles is reportedly in talks to take on a consultancy role with a top design firm. The “I decided” singer, who previously worked as a spokesmodel for her mother and sister’s Dereon collection, admits she’s been hesitant in the past to turn her attention to the fashion industry because she doesn’t feel she’s qualified.

“It’s a funny thing because initially I got asked that question [to design a range of clothing] and I was absolutely that person who frowned upon random artists and models and musicians for crossing over into that design process and I always said, I feel like there are so many talented people who’ve studied this and know the skill of the craft of designing because it is an art, that I would be reluctant to call myself a designer,” she tells WENN.

Diving into the new career field, Solange will team with one of her favorite labels, giving style secrets and advice.

“A line that I really respect and was already a fan of reached out and had a great idea of us collaborating on maybe a particular collection and me just sharing ideas and prints [in a consultancy role] and being involved in that way I would absolutely love,” She reveals. “It’s still in the early stages so I can’t really reveal [much] but hopefully something will develop.”


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