Brutha Member Anthony Harrell Leaves Group, Releases Solo Album

What do Brutha and Day26 have in common? They are both dealing with the lost of band members. Anthony Harrell, formerly of the R&B group Brutha, has parted ways with his real life brothers to pursue his solo career.

Letting music be his eye sight on this new journey alone, Harrell is ready to share with the world the biggest part of him – his debut solo album ‘Kathy.’ Named after his wife, Kathy, the effort showcases the R&B crooner in his own realm: singer-songwriter-producer.

The set features flirty tunes such as “Say Hello,” odes to love like “Love Is,” and pleas for understanding in “Don’t Make Me Say Goodbye.”

Without the help from a record label, manager, or publicist, Anthony poured his heart and soul into creating this new project and hopes that everyone “enjoy and pass it on to a friend!”

Download ‘Kathy’:


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