Emails Prove Fantasia Knew Former Boyfriend Antwaun Cook Still Lived With Ex-Wife

In a shocking turn of events, incriminating emails have surfaced proving that R&B diva, Fantasia Barrino knew ex-boyfriend Antwaun Cook was still living with his then-wife during the time of their affair.

According to the official email documentation obtained by [], Barrino sent a series of emails to Cook begging him to be with her.

She says, “I Need U!!!!! Antwaun..How do think I Feel? When your still staying over there… But you telling me you want to Be with me…Why?? Just tell me that please And if [you] don’t want to talk to me any more I understand….”

Cook responded by telling Barrino, “No excuses, you made your choice. Deal with it. No love lost here.”

The chain email continues as both parties become very passionate about Cook’s living arrangements. She exclaims, “Who the Hell do you think you are???”

During Cook and ex-wife, Paula Cook’s divorce proceedings, it was rumored that she planned to sue Barrino under the North Carolina Alienation of Affection Law. This law favors the abandoned spouse, allowing them to file a suit against the party or parties responsible for the failure of the marriage.

What remains to be seen is how this new information will affect the remainder of the case.


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