Omarion Speaks on His Admiration for Pharrell and Why He Cut His Hair

Former B2K bandmate, Omarion has had chart-topping success as a solo artist. He has however been out of the limelight for some time. In a recent interview with Tim Westwood TV, the singer speaks on his transition and growth. The cover of his last album “Ollusion” showcased a more mature Omarion, with a new haircut to signify his growth. When asked why he chose to cut his trademark braids the artist said, “When you have a certain look for a long time and especially when you start as young as I started, people don’t know I’m about to be 26. They look at me and say aren’t you 19 or 20.” He goes on to mention that, “I felt like the braids were holding me back” and typecasting him. Omarion switches gears to talk about the lack of role models in our generation. “Everyone who we look up to is not in our generation anymore. The only person that connected that world was Michael Jackson,” he says. “Now it’s like Jay-Z and Puff – and these guys have so much prestige that they’re a little bit untouchable.” So who does Omarion think is a role model? The artist states that, “the only person I would consider someone that really touches the youth like that still would be Pharrell or will.I.Am because of the type of music they make.” Continuing to sing Pharrell’s praises, the superstar says, “He is a mentor of mine and someone I really respect. He’s not just a genius with the music and a business man – he’s an awesome person.”


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