A Lineage of Greatness – Willow Smith on ‘Parents Just Don’t Understand,’ Following the Smith Legacy

While other 10-year-olds are learning multiplication tables and enjoying recess, Pop Princess Willow Smith is topping charts. The success of Smith’s first single “Whip My Hair” comes as no surprise. She hails from a family of award winning entertainers – parents Will and Jada Pinkett Smith and brother Jayden Smith together are responsible for a slew of blockbuster hits. Smith, daring to be different chose the path of a musician as opposed to the rest of her family. When asked did she like acting or singing better in a Yahoo! Music interview, the budding superstar says, “I’m in the music world right now, so I don’t really focus on acting. But I love acting.” There has recently been a buzz about the possibility of Smith remaking her father’s classic kid anthem “Parents Just Don’t Understand.” The singer hints that the speculations may be true but modestly avoids giving a definite answer. The diva-in-training does however open up about the best advice her superstar parents have given her. They advise that, “If you’re not really having fun then there’s no point of really trying.” Her parents continue to embed a strong work ethic and sense of responsibility in the young artist. Smith recalls wanting to go to the movies with her friends but was scheduled to be in the studio. She asked her mother, “Mom, can I not do recording?’ to which Jada responds, “Well, you have to because you want to do songs.” She expresses that it’s hard work – but it’s worth it. The immediate success of Willow Smith’s first musical release has cemented her place in the Smith dynasty as a rising star. The drive and energy of this child star is evident. And for Willow the future is bright.


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