Lloyd Talks Selling Weed as First Job to Becoming the Artist We Know Today

Lloyd, the R&B sensation formerly with Murda Inc. and currently with Interscope, recently sat down with Tim Westwood TV. While there he got a chance to talk about his new album ‘King of Hearts,’ his recent collaboration with Lloyd Banks of G-Unit, and his career. It’s well known that Murda Inc was in total conflict with G-Unit.Lloyd Polite Jr., or Young Goldie as he’s called, mentioned to Tim that in regards to his recent collab with Lloyd Banks, he’s “been a big fan of his secretly for years,” and continued, “It’s more about building bridges than burning them and working with Lloyd Banks was one of those bridges that actually lead to a lot more surprises that people will hear in the future.” The Atlanta, Georgia native, who began his career when he was 10 years old and signed his first solo deal with Magic Johnson’s record label,told Tim, when asked about past careers or jobs, “I sold weed in high school but that doesn’t count…I never had a 9-5, I never had a supervisor,” adding, “school is for helping you figure out what you want to do, what your good at and ever since I was a kid and I saw Michael Jackson I was just like you know what, this is it.” Some of Lloyd’s largest inspirations growing up were Stevie Wonder, early R. Kelly, and Bobby Brown. Lloyd’s album ‘King of Hearts’ drops, not surprisingly, on Valentines Day 2011. The album is led by the track “Lay It Down.” “It’ll be an album strictly for lovers,” he says. His 8 track album has been honed to the needs of couples and promises to be a seductive thriller. With joints from Dr. Dre and collaborations with the Black Eyed Peas, it sounds very promising.


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