THE REVIEW: Bilal’s ‘Airtight’s Revenge’

It’s been nine years and fans have been fiending for a Bilal fix. As I witnessed the magic for myself, at the Singersroom “Bilal Comes To Brooklyn: An Acoustic Conversation,” I understood why he had such die-hard fans. Through careful study and practice, Bilal has transformed his voice into an instrument. His voice speaks with authority and whispers wisdom. His live performance sends shivers up your spine and makes your hair stand on end. I felt that energy and was compelled to review the album. With a unique voice that sometimes hints to a Prince influence and a deep understanding of Gospel, Jazz, Funk, and R&B, Bilal has given us his new album entitled ‘Airtight’s Revenge’. Yes, the title is fierce and the content is just as brave. The album seems to take us through the creative mind of Bilal with joints like “Robots,” “The Dollar,” “Flying” and “Think It Over.” With classic songs from albums, ‘First Born Second’ and leaked songs from the album ‘Love For Sale,’ you may already know Bilal will give you something to hold on to. Track Review Highlights “Flying”…Bilal was able to tell a tale of a victim of the drug lifestyle that is usually glamorized. However, he is able to give a balanced view that exposes the pros and cons of the hustler in Flying. “Think It Over”…This record has the same energy of “Sometimes” from the ‘First Born Second’ Album It is just an unexplainable vibe. “The Dollar”…Bilal brings you on a fast pace walk as he dances on the beat with his vocals. “Robots”…Catch a deeper message with Robots about “the man and the system.” The album ‘Airtight’s Revenge’ is a must have for those that have followed Bilal through the years and for those that love music with depth.


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