The Spotlight: Making It With Abraham McDonald

A sensational talent discovered by Oprah is now signed to Island Def Jam as an R&B Pop singer. “I’m just an average joe; with a cool gift,” Abraham McDonald tells Singersroom. Life as he knows it takes a turn for greatness just by the wink of his eye or the trust of his unforgettable gift and art: singing. Standing at 6 feet- 8-inches tall, this chocolate man at age 33 is able to capture an audience. It’s something like a miracle for him, like the name of his first single. Things have sped up for Abraham and hopefully his love for singing is not shattered by the music business. “What would I do every day for the rest of my life if I didn’t get paid for it; but I just loved it. Although I do remember going on my Twitter and stating I just want to sing, eventually someone said “why don’t I just do it” and I am.” His motivation for moving forward; R. Kelly’s ” The World’s Greatest”; a song that has helped him figure out his life and cry his sorrows out. He went into a deep dark place in his mind and body, until he made sense of his life actions and finally took a step into his true life; his honesty with himself.

As a man of South Central, LA, growing up in an area surrounded by thug-life and mediocre schools, something about his passion for years at a teen age helped him stay away from the groupthink of a drug fulfilled lifestyle. But for some reason he still doesn’t understand, as he walked to school every day past these thugs and drug dealers, they would ask him to sing for them. He says the drug dealer on the corner needed to hear his voice for at least five minutes. ” Come on man, just sing for me and the homies for a second, man” as McDonald remembers it. Failing on a God-given gift that has saved him from some of the most badly-influenced endeavors is one thing he does not want to give up on, but praise. When he first heard his song on the radio, it made him think harder than he ever had. Hearing himself in his own car, just shook him into reality and made him feel that singing was definitely the way to go.
—— By: Imani Pope


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