Willie Taylor (Day26): Newlywed Love

Continuing with our couples theme, Singersroom sat down with Day26’s Willie Taylor, to get his views and insight on love as seen through the eyes of his two year marriage. His theory: Love conquers all and after two years you should know, if you’re mate is the one for you.

Singersroom: How did you meet your wife?

Willie Taylor: I met her years ago, actually at a mall out here in Chicago…I was just in the mall kind of hanging out and we just kind of sparked up from there…We shared the same interest like music. And I was kind of helping a group she was in at the time with writing some songs and stuff and we kind of kicked off from there.

Singersroom: During the dating stage with your spouse, what signs let you know that she could be the love for you?

Willie Taylor: I guess through time man, we just really figured out…from hanging out…just end up being just a really cool person, somebody to talk to and she understood me. Even through my broke stage, she was there for me and really understood me…that’s when I realized I had a ride-or-die chick.

Singersroom: People say you often marry your mother or someone like your parents, does your wife remind you of your mom?

Willie Taylor: Naw, not at all. (Laughing) Not at all.

Singersroom: How do you keep a healthy work/family balance in your relationship?

Willie Taylor: Well you know it’s never easy, and of course you know with family it requires time and with a job it requires time. So, sometimes you know they battle for time, which is not a good thing, but it just happens. Like, when I’m recording albums with Day26, and even to do this mixtape…it’s time consuming; recording is a process which takes away from your family time. It’s definitely a hard balance sometimes but you know if you have an understanding family.

Singersroom: How do you all resolve conflicts in your relationship?

Willie Taylor: We Fight. Naw (Laughing)…You know we do have our share of arguments; we just have to figure out, you know somebody’s right somebody’s wrong and in some cases neither one of us is right. I guess it’s just about understanding and knowing that you don’t want to go to a point where you start to disrespect. Fall back and just let it be…Love conquers all.

Singersroom: Do you think today’s music depicts love or sex? How do you think that effects how people view love?

Willie Taylor: A lot of the music is catered more towards sex, but at the end of the day there are a decent amount of love songs too. You know in music we go through phases and it always repeats itself, you know because this happened before in the Nineties. I think as long as you have a decent balance then people should understand exactly what it is. There is a difference most definitely. Love and Sex are TWO different things and they should understand that.

Singersroom: What advice or tips would u give newlyweds or newly engaged couples?

Willie Taylor: Well, just pretty much man, get to know each other, because there’s a lot of things you learn while the relationship goes on. Make sure you pay attention to a lot of things like, it was a point where I probably would have flew off the roof but you know…I had to tell myself, you pretty much know your partner after 2 years. Like, there’s nothing different going to change after 2 years, they might change a little bit, but they going to go back, that’s really who they are after the 2 years. And I really had to learn that, you know you expect things to change but Naw, it ain’t going to happen. (Laughing). You have to accept that, if you love them you love ’em. If not, if you find something you can’t deal with you better chunk the deuces and get on…get up out of there. —— By: Lauren M. Walker


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