Ray J: For The Love of Ray J (Interview)

With the premiere of “For the Love of Ray J 2” right around the corner, Ray J sat down with Singersroom to update us on all that’s happening in his world. From what transpired between him and Cocktail to upcoming projects, we really get a look inside Ray J the business man not just the ladies man. He also, talks about what it’s like now, no longer being recognized solely as “Brandy’s Brother.”

Singersroom: So the million dollar question, what happened between you and Cocktail?

Ray J: Well we remain friends…Cocktail and I are Hella cool. That’s my peoples, we got a lot of love for each other, we have a lot of fun with each other, a lot of fun. But she was the best girl in the house; she stood out more than any girl. I felt like, making a decision, I wanted to pick cocktail because she was the strongest girl in the house. But for longevity, to be with for a long time, it became too many obstacles we’d have to deal with. With us, and the fame, and her just getting in the game; so many new opportunities for her and her time and all of that stuff…so the longevity of us just didn’t work. But we still Hella cool.

Singersroom: So, with the decision to just be friends, is that what sparked another season?

Ray J: Yeah…Cocktail and I went on a “For The Love Of Ray J” tour together. Then we started talking to each other and understanding each other, and we both were on the same page. Then after that, VH1 was calling me. A lot of people were connected with the first show and the ratings were outstanding. The show was like the number one show in all of cable every week, besides sports, we broke records at VH1, so they wanted to come back in and see if I wanted to do it again. And I was like ‘Aight, Cool!’

Singersroom: What difference are you looking for this go around? Are you truly looking for a girl/wife etc.?

Ray J: At this point, I just been doing a lot of creating, like you know I executive produced “For The Love Of Ray J” with 51 Minds, I got 2 new shows under VH1’s umbrella, one with BET and I have a radio show coming out. So, I’m just trying to work and build my team as a young CEO, just trying to open up a lot of doors for my company. And I just need a girl, I don’t need girls, I don’t need a wild crazy life that keeps me unfocused on my goals. So at this point, like I’m 28, I’m ready to take it to the next level.

Singersroom: So, the customary follow up question, what kind of girl are you looking for? Like if you could build a girl, what would her qualities be?

Ray J: Just a loyal girl. In this game, loyalty is so hard to come by, being with one person and having that one on one relationship. That’s more important than anything, and of course I would like a nice looking girl with independent qualities, that’s down to take care of the household but not only that before coming into our relationship, she already was taking care of herself, doing what she wanted to do in life. A strong woman.

Singersroom: Last season, your mom made an appearance on the show will she be back on this season?

Ray J: Yeah, I want to bring my mom back and my whole family so that’s the plan. And in this show, “For the Love of Ray J 2,” there are so many twists and turns, you might expect one thing to happen then something totally different will happen, but it is an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Singersroom: Do you think there will be a spin off from your show; what else do you have planned?

Ray J: Yeah, I’m planning on spinning something off from this, I don’t want to get too much on it, because we’re really focused on part 2 coming out. But I’m going to do some spin off stuff. Again, VH1 is letting me have a free lane to let my ideas come out to the world.

Singersroom: Besides your show, what is your favorite reality show to watch?

Ray J: I like “Tool Academy.” That show is just as crazy and it’s a lot of honest emotions and I like that. I really like that show. I kind of like “My Antonio”, but “Tool Academy” and “Frankie and Neffe.” They got they own, [genre] like ‘Crazy-ality’.

Singersroom: Now that you have “For the Love of Ray J” along with your music and other forth coming projects under your belt; you really have your own identity outside of just being known as “Brandy’s Brother.” What has the transition into your own identity been like?

Ray J: It’s been interesting because you know I got caught up in a lot of controversy, and that’s not the way I thought about it and dreamed about it to be, but it is what it is. I was able to deal with the situation how it came to me and make something positive out of it, instead of going down a road of negativity. So, it’s been interesting, it’s been fun, it’s been a battle but for the most part, financially, I think we’re taking it to another level. And creatively as well, I think it’s a fine time to keep the audience and the viewers into what we’re doing, and them loving what we’re doing, and in the process kind of shaping the way they feel about us. That’s not the most important thing, but at the same time I do want to be respected in a positive light so all in due time.

Singersroom: Have you given up on the traditional way of courting?

Ray J: I would love to do it like that. This way is easier because VH1 kind of provided the whole scene: the dates, the look the flowers, the intensity of it. And I just kind of put my ideas together with it and that’s fine. But I do like the traditional way as well, that’s the best way to go about it I would say.

Singersroom: When it’s all said and done what impact would you like to leave on the Entertainment industry when you retire?

Ray J: Historical product. We’re off to a good start; I just want people to remember Knockout, Ray J, and Brandy as entertaining and exciting. You know, we’re human beings so, you’ve seen the ups, you’ve seen the downs, but for the most part you’ve seen the success rise and people can look at that and be inspired from that, and work hard from just seeing the things that we’ve done and accomplished. That’s the goal, get in them History books. —— By: Lauren Walker


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