inBlack: What Is ‘Good Hair’?

In about a month, Chris Rock’s anticipated movie ‘Good Hair’ will arrive in theaters.

On October 9, we will see Chris rock traveling across America visiting beauty salons, barbershops to meet ordinary women and men to get their opinion on hair. He visits scientific laboratories to explore the reason why relaxers have such a big impact in the African-American community. He also goes to India to visit the Hindu temples of India, source of the hair that ends up in the weaves that most African-American women wear. In “Good Hair”, Chris Rock take us on a journey to answer is daughter’s Lola question, “Daddy how come I don’t have good hair?” Celebrities like Nia Long, Salt-n-Pepa, Ice T and Reverend Al Sharpton just to name a few share their candid points of view regarding what is considered good hair in America.

For me, as a black woman, ‘Good Hair’ was to have nice and flowing long hair like Angelina Jolie, J-LO, or the curly hair that many of my biracial friends have. Most guys in high school were always going after the girl with the “pretty hair” leaving those like me to the side. For many years, I was following what the media and also black men considered to be beautiful. I hated relaxing my hair and wearing weaves but I did it even if that meant damaging my hair. I just wanted to have hair that was manageable because of the pressure to be accepted. My former hair dresser even told me once, “your hair is not Indian, you have to relax it or put a weave if you want it to look nice after requesting her to cut my hair because it was way too damage. I politely thanked her then walked out with the intention of never coming back. Can I really be mad at her when our society emphasizes so much on having soft, long and flowing hair? I am sure that you too have experienced similar situations with friends, family members, workmates, boyfriends and the list can go on. For me now that I am older it is no longer about what others consider being good or bad hair, it is about loving myself and embracing what I was born with. Since then, I have to tell you that my self worth went up. Three weeks ago, I decided to shave it. I love it and I feel more comfortable with myself. My goal is to keep my hair natural. So now that you know my story, I would like to hear about yours.

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—— By: Roberte Varasse


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