Ginuwine: Internet Took Shock, Awe Value From Artists

The internet has definitely changed the way we not only purchase music but also the way we see the recording artists who give us a soundtrack to life. In a recent interview with, Ginuwine took on the internet, stating that it has “hurt” the careers of many artists. Unlike traditional internet downloading vs. sales talk, Ginuwine takes on something that is more important — the fact that we see and interact with artists differently and thus the shock, awe and anticipation that fueled a project is gone. “We are so accessible as artists. I truly believe the fact that we are so accessible as artists takes away the “awe” of an artist. It takes away the shock value of an artist because we’re so accessible,” Ginuwine tells Thisis50. “You can just go on the internet and boom ‘you can see us in the studio’,” he continues. In the 80s or even 90s when artists including Mariah Carey, R. Kelly, Whitney Houston and Jodeci were just getting started, they were essentially inaccessible, except when performing at a concert or appearing through a traditional outlet. To Ginuwine, that is what made an artist: “You couldn’t touch them. You couldn’t see them,” he says. “Now it’s like… if Michael Jackson comes in the room you’d be like wow. But if he’s sitting there for bout’ an hour you’d be like “alright that’s Mike” and you’d go on and finish whatever you’re doing.” Ginuwine’s first project in over five years, titled “A Man’s Thoughts” is in stores today, June 23. How Do YOU feel…. Is Ginuwine right about the internet and artists or is he making excuses ?


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