Behind The Screen, R&B Musicians Score Family Television

‘Everybody Hates Chris,’ ‘That’s So Raven,’ and ‘The Cosby Show’ have all earned praise for their family friendly and often comedic storylines. However, these shows would not be where they are without the musical genius of musicians — particularly R&B, Jazz and even mainstream artists who have contributed to scenes we all love and remember. Three such artists, labeled composers in regard to their television/film related projects, are Marcus Miller, Quincy Jones III, and Kurt Farquhar. Each of the men, while artists and musicians in their own right, have contributed to a stellar list of family and comedy related programming including ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Quincy Jones III)’, ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ (Miller) and The Parkers (Farquhar). The latter of the three, Kurt Farquhar, says composing music for programs like ‘The Parkers,’ All of Us, and Moesha, is essentially about musically enhancing the story of each character. “To see the characters develop and to create the music that grows with them over the years is rewarding,” Farquhar told BMI. “My method of work is less technical than soulful; I write from my soul and from the heart of the characters on screen.” For more on Family and Comedy based television, including Quincy Jones III and popular series including Girlfriends, The Game, The Cosby Show, Good Times, Cheryl Lynne and more click here.


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