Michelle Obama, Rihanna, Beyonce Share ‘Glamorous Top 50’

The First Lady, Michelle Obama, is glamorous, chic, and self assured according to Glamour Magazine’s June Issue featuring ‘The 50 Most Glamorous Women of 2009’ ! “She’s intelligent, self-assured, and chic…. the arms, the sheaths, the cardigans, the belts..,” photographer Norman Jean Roy shares via Glamour’s just unveiled list. Obama, coming in at no.3 just behind Kate Winslet and Anne Hathaway, was also noted for her confidence… something that might just extend to several over leading ladies including Beyonce (no.11), Halle Berry (no.14) and Rihanna (no.17). Halle Berry, a new mom and Oscar-winning actress, has no problem in the fashion department. Nor is the former “Catwoman” star ashamed of her game when it comes to stepping out in public without makeup. According to Glamour, Halle gets extra points for being “confident enough to be seen in public without a lick of makeup… love that”. But it is afterall Rihanna, the rockstar of leading Glamour ladies, who the magazine says “entrances readers”. “She almost can’t make a style mistake now,” says designer and host of BRAVO’s “The Fashion Show” Issac Mizrahi. For the remainder of the top 50 list visit Glamour.com or pick up their exclusive June Issue which features Renee Zellweger on its cover.


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