SR Gospel: Holy Boy Inspires Through ‘Out of Time’ Release

You may have witnessed Mobile, Alabama born and raised singer/songwriter Holy Boy (HB) via The Word Network, Jeff Majors, or even through BET. Tuesday, the inspirational artist will release the long-awaited debut album “Out of Time”. Led by the single “Church Tonight,” Holy Boy’s “Out of Time” also features the inspirational songs “God Chaser” and “Hold On,” the latter of which was inspired by a trying period of time that included the death of his mother nearly 24 hours after the two had spoken. “I lost my mother a few years back. She always gave me that phrase to Hold On,” Holy Boy shared with Singersroom recently. “I had just spoken with her and in a blink of an eye within 24 hours she died. It was a devastating time for me because I had just spoke to her. So I wanted to share this song with the body of Christ and for the world. The song talks about how we sometimes feel like giving up or giving in to life’s struggles or life’s ups and downs but we know that Christ is there to help us through every step of the day. We can be encouraged, hang on in there and hold on.” Inspired by iconic gospel recording artists John P. Kee, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, The Clark Sisters, Sam Cook, James Moore and “covenant brothers” Dave Hollister, Javen, Carnell Murrell and Canton Jones, Holy Boy admits “Out of Time,” both the title of the album and a song featured on the disc, is meant to make you think whether you might be “a saint or sinner too”. “I wanted to write a song (“Out of Time”) with a message that was timeless. The sinner time is of the essence now and the saint time does not show favor just because you are saved. But, everyday we all have to make up our minds before we run out of time.” While Holy Boy’s “Out of Time,” “We Need You” and “Hold On” convey strong messages of hope and perseverance, songs like “Where The Praizers At,” “Church Tonight” and “No Weapon” allow for a light and “feel free” praise and worship session. In fact, Holy Boy sings “I’m feeling happy, so excited, knowing that I’m here today.. looking at another day” on the step or “holy dance” worthy cut “Happy”. Holy Boy’s debut album “Out of Time” is set for release Tuesday, April 21 via Next Era/ Universal Music Christian Group.


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