Justin Timberlake Goes High Intensity For MTV Reality Series

Justin Timberlake may have been punk’d by Ashton Kutcher a few years ago however, the “Rock Your Body” singer is doing the ‘punking’ today via the new MTV reality series “The Phone”. Set to premiere on MTV soon, “The Phone” takes four real life people on a high intensity game show full of twists, turns, physical and mental games all for a chance to win $50k. “We plot each show around a movie plot,” Timberlake shared with MTV. “And they become the main character in this movie.” “Just like a thriller or suspense film at the end of the show, every show, there is a twist that we put on the contestants.” In essence, Timberlake’s contestants answer a phone call and then go through intense missions to win the game and the money. “The Phone” will air on MTV.


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