Gift Bag: Items You Want & Need

What’s on your wish list? I’m sure we’re all looking for that little extra something to get us noticed! These three hot forms of technology, fashion, and lifestyle products are sure to help you standout. The only question is will you break the piggy bank?

Duro Olowu’s Collection
If you are ready to make a bold statement with colorful prints, Duro Olowu’s fashion line will be a perfect match. The Nigerian native’s latest collection was inspired by West African masquerades and the film Black Orpheus; prints and accessories of tribes. It’s not cheap so make sure you are ready to spend for lavishness.

Flud Watches
Usually streetwear only appeals to males with good credit but Flud Watches is changing streewear by making it affordable and feminine. The watchmaker’s unique style of the brand integrates Hip Hop, illustration and urban appeal to keep you on time. To view the full catalog on their timepieces, head over to


To save money people are bringing in leftovers rather than purchasing lunch every day. MO:BEN has invented a lunchbox that includes a built-in heating and insulation system wrapped with a modern design. The only thing missing is a personal chef or cooking lessons.

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