Tonex Speaks On LGBT Audience, Ministry Post Controversy/Prop 8

Unspoken recording star Tonex, also known as Ton3x, is clear on God’s desire for him to not only minister to believers but to everyone who has an ear. Especially after dealing with the controversial choice to perform during an LGBT event a few years ago and a scathing letter issued by his ex-wife condemning the gay and lesbian community. Speaking candidly about his ministry post controversy and letter, Ton3x admits “the Gay and Lesbian community…we treat them like they’re some off the wall and left field group of folks that don’t enjoy good music; don’t enjoy inspirational music and don’t spend money. We just act like “we can market to them” and that’s just something else like “go and get the crumbs off the table”… especially in Gospel. I would say that these are citizens just like anyone else. These are consumers just like anyone else and these are souls just like anybody else. If they enjoy what I do then why would I not.” In light of recent battles for equality including the ongoing battle in California over Proposition 8 (Prop 8), Ton3x, like Wanda Sykes and respected actor Danny Glover, believes there is a lack of respect and hopes that we as a people can move forward. Sharing his hopes with Singersroom’s Njai Joszor, Ton3x says: “I pray that artists like myself.. will be a little more inclusive in understanding and respectful.” “It’s not like they’re a separate breed. I just don’t like the way that a lot of times the Gospel community treats the LGBT community, when in fact they have been the backbone of that industry as artists and consumers.” “I am a human being. I told my story and I’m still telling stories for others who don’t have a voice.” Hopefully by me being that voice, that type of ignorance, particularly towards the LGBT community, will one brick at a time be removed.” Click Here for the remainder (Part 3 of 3) of Ton3x’s exclusive sit-down with Singersroom.


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