My Celebrity Twin

Everyday we wake up and address the widely open ended question, “What to wear?” and everyday we make a decision. We get dressed! And whether or not you know it, we make a statement with those exact choices, without saying a word. The way we think about ourselves and how we choose to portray that has a lot to do with whom we relate to. Many times it’s someone you see readily, like a celebrity. We’re able to turn on the TV, read a book, flip through a magazine and get a sense of who this person is on the inside; by the way they look on the outside. So of course we we’d naturally feel a connection with them. I’ve always wondered,” Who’s my celebrity style twin?”

Like feeling Intelligent, Sexy, and Poignant? I think you’re a match with Tracey Ellis Ross. She’s aware of her body, and is even able to make imperfections appealing to onlookers. Uses color blocks, texture, and tonal outfits to keep up a clean aesthetic. Serious, witty, and knows how to let garments flow, while accentuating her body. She uses minimal makeup to emphasize their strong and, bold features. She tends to stay fashion forward, always with great poise and presentation. She acknowledges the newest fads, but doesn’t always adopt them.

Flirty, Seductive, Powerful? You’re Rihanna’s twin! She has the goods and wants you to know it. But, she exhibits balance; she avoids being seen as a sexual wanton, and therefore is loved by men and women alike for her beauty and control. Her fashion sense correlates heavily with having a great shape. Loves feeling sexy in her skin. Likes the newness of trends, and the freedom take and discard of them as she pleases. Accessories are a must, and are usually of the stand out, and scream out loud nature. Ever changing, but consistently sexy.

Love the idea of layers, locs, and lux? Channeling Lisa Bonnet, she is the epitome of what they are now calling Soho Chic. She lives the way she looks; with lots of layers, and many stories behind them. She is beautiful deep, and displays this with her fashion defying sense of style. Matching? What’s that? She love taking the norm and mixing it with what’s “next”. Every part of her body can be adorned with accessories, and she still looks appropriate. Lisa introduces trends, or reinvents them, but never follows them. She has a great body, but keeps that hidden, instead what you get is an irreverently, seductive women who wants to cloak herself in layers of freedom and mystery. A great combination of rock, soul, and hummingbirds.

As for me, I believe myself to be kin to Tracey Ellis Ross. At least I think so… What about you? Maybe you’re an exact match to one of these wonderful profiles. Maybe you’re a bit of this, and a bit of that. Possibly, you’re none of the above. Whatever inspires you to put on, or purchase whatever you do, commit to it, and own it. These celebrities happen to serve as great examples because of their spirit, and commitment to who they are how they want to be viewed. When getting dressed each day we must remember that we are sending a message to others by how we look. I remind you to make sure that message on the outside correlates to how you feel in the inside, now matter what you feel. Be true!

—— By: Adenike Omisore


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