Bow Wow on Chris Brown & Rihanna: ‘You Just Really Have To Let Them Live’

Rapper Bow Wow is the latest star to voice his view on the Rihanna and Chris Brown incident. Bow, who is familiar with the pressure from the media on a young high-profile couple because of his past relationship with songstress Ciara, says he thought the incident was a rumor at first. The “Rock The Mic” star, who says you really can’t believe everything you read on blogs and various Web sites, tells MTV News “I’ve been in the game for a long time. I’ve been in a high-profile relationship before, so I understand. I think that the best thing that needs to happen for the both of them is that they just need the space.” Bow Wow also says people should take both artists’ feelings into consideration. “You got so many people that want to say this and say that. You have a publicist. She has a publicist. It’s tough, because to you, this is my ‘wifey’ and I’m her ‘dude,’ but to the public they are superstars.” He went on to say that this situation is no different than that of any other normal couple, and the two involved should get the respect that they deserve. “My momma always told me that it’s best that if it ain’t your business, stay out of it — so I wish them the best. I hope that they bounce back and get back to what we know them for doing, and that’s putting out good music.” The rapper says he has not spoken to Rihanna or Chris but, but thinks that another opinion is the last thing either artist needs. “He probably don’t want to hear that, right … she probably doesn’t want to hear that either. Her birthday just passed,” he continued. “You just really have to let them live.” Source: MTV


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