Mya Clears Up Rumors: ‘There’s No Superhead Tell All, Pregnancy, or Dating’

R&B singer Mya, who was called out last week for an alleged pregnancy, has like Ne-Yo fired back at continuous rumors including a tell-all book she was allegedly penning via myspace. “When I signed up for the entertainment biz, I realized there would be a list of pros & cons. On the positive side – pursuing my passion, touching lives, seeing the world through travel & providing for my family. On the negative side – criticism, disappointments, lies, lack of privacy, sabotage, politics, corporate slavery, litigations and never ending false rumors,” says the singer. “… to answer all of the inquiries & questions about the latest rumors that have been circulating, no… there is not & never was a “Superhead tell all” book or sextape. No, I did not show up to a club in Barbados in which I was falsely advertised. I was there for a charitable speaking engagement for children. No, I am not dating any entertainers, athletes, congressmen, married men or billionaire’s son. No, I am not pregnant, engaged or married. Though children are beautiful, I aint on that page.” While everything Mya points out is cool, the former “Free” singer raises eyebrows with the statement: “as boring as it seems, I am a happy, single woman, entering into another year of celibacy & working on self. You won’t find me in rehab or AAA. You won’t find me in a mental institution.” On a lighter note, Mya has contributed to the literary work ‘IF I’D KNOWN THEN’- Women in Their 20s and 30s Write Letters To Their Younger Selves. In this particular piece, put together by Ellyn Spragins, Mya joins Jessica Alba, and Danica McKeller in writing letters to the girls they once were, filled with the advice and wisdom they wish they’d possessed when they were younger. ‘If I’d Known Then’ is currently available through SRC: Myspace/Toya’s World


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