Carousel of Love: 2008 Celebrity Relationships

Usher/Tameka – Trading Places Most people thought it would not last. Many women hoped they would get there chance to be Usher’s wife. But with Tameka providing an older woman’s touch and delivering Usher his first kid it looks this marriage is sitting on solid ground. Swizz Beats/Mashonda – Caught Up A super producer and songbird equal an unhappy home. Swizz Beatz name was all over the blogsphere with rumors of cheating on Mashonda with Alicia Keys. He dispelled the claims that Alicia was the main reason the couple parted ways. After the break Swizz and Mashonda worked together to relaunch her singing career. Jay-Z/Beyonce – Put A Ring On It Jay-z and Beyonce aka the billionaire dollar couple managed to keep their marriage top secret. They were also skillfully able to keep business and their personal life separate and away from the camera. Will they slow their careers to make a baby for 2009? T.I./Tameka “Tiny” Cottle – Ryder Or Die Chick T.I. had court cases, house arrest, fights, and an album release. Will Tiny support her man through all of his struggles. For all her support TIP needs to ‘Put A Ring On It.’ Q/Dawn of Making the Band – Showmance Making the Band was filled with drama and comedy. But every reality show needs a love story and Dawn and Q romance filled that void. Now that Danity Kane is broken-up, will the couple last without the camera or was the relationship just for MTV? Donnie/Aubrey – Reality Lust/Lessons In Reality Making the Band’s ivory couple were a love and hate tournament with no winner. Donnie and Aubrey might not be able to maintain a serious relationship but a sex tape could probably help both careers to capture another fifteen minutes on center stage. Keith Sweat/Lisa Wu Hartwell – Ultimate Ex The Ultimate Ex: Keith Sweat gets more than he bargained for with Lisa Wu Hartwell appearing on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta. Having your baby momma and kids on television is not the ideal choice for most men or Keith Sweat. On the ‘The realwives of Atlanta’ Lisa Wu Hartwell, Keith Sweat, ex attempt to have their kids filmed for the program but was deny by Sweat. Does anybody really want to see there ex on TV? Nick Cannon/Mariah – Did I Do That? Why teach a old dog tricks when you train a boy to be a man? This seemed to be Mariah’s outlook when she married Nick Cannon. Mr. Cannon has be at his wifey call keeping. He might want to take some points from Ashton Kusher. Jennifer Hudson/Punk – You Pulled Me Through Is this a joke or did stardom make have a Brittany moment! Jennifer is having a tragic year and a strong man by her side would great. Hopefully Punk was just acting on ‘I Love NY’ and he is a real man as David Otunga. Chris Brown/Rihanna – Picture Perfect Everybody is chasing after the young superstars but they have found love in each eyes. I doubt this will last but it is cute. Rihanna and Chris’s fans might have a chance to be with their favorite singer in a few months. Jill Scott/Lil’ John Roberts – Musical Love Jill Scott gets engaged, makes sure you know it’s not Lil Jon…it’s Lil’ John Roberts


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