SOUL RECKLESS 08: R. Kelly ‘Inside Woman’

Just months before his now historic trial, R. Kelly came under fire for an alleged relationship with his publicist’s nearly legal daughter. After a surprising departure in 2007, Kelly’s long-time publicist and her husband George Daniels came forward with the shocking news that Kelly had an affair with their daughter. Already facing ‘child pornography’ charges, the Daniel’s said Kelly “crossed the line with their daughter Maxine,” a child he had known since she was 7 years old. “He crossed the line with my daughter,” Daniels said during an interview with Los Angeles radio station KJLH. “It didn’t get to the extreme of that video or else I wouldn’t be here, if you know what I’m talking about.” While his daughter was of legal age when the relationship occurred Daniels said R. Kelly still took advantage of his daughter : “When you’re 21, and if you’ve been there already like I’ve been many years ago, you’re still 15 to 16 mentally. You’re vulnerable.” Not seeking any type of suit or attention, Daniels admitted to be hurt by what had occurred between R. Kelly and his daughter. “He denied it. He lied to me to my face,” Daniels said. “The reason that I’m talking abut this, it’s not just for me, it’s not for my wife, it’s not for my daughter, but it’s for the public. It’s for other fathers and mothers because it doesn’t have to be a superstar, it could be the dude on the corner. There are guys who sit around and give your child a couple of bucks to go to school and then wait until they get a little older, then they set that trap. See, so I’m doing this really for everyone.” R.Kelly later refuted the claims, stating the Daniels’ knew what was going on the whole time. In a Sun Times interview, Maxine Daniels (the daughter) refuted the idea that her parents condoned her relationship with Kelly. “I take full responsibility for my actions.” “My stepmother and father didn’t know about my relationship with the singer because I knew and he knew that they wouldn’t approve … so I tried to keep it a secret, but when my stepmother found out about our relationship, she resigned because she felt that Rob had ‘crossed the line’ by dating a girl that he has known since she was seven years old.” “My stepmom was not fired for incompetence. She was Rob’s publicist for 14 years and always considered Rob not just a client … but family. And Rob thought of my dad like a father.” R. Kelly’s camp maintains that Regina Daniels was fired for incompetence.. As for Kelly’s statement about Regina Daniels passing her daughter off to him, Maxine says “Rob personally slipped me his number.” Maxine later admitted to ending the relationship once word got out that the two were involved.


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