Flavor Flav is out. Ray J is in ! If you’re still in a state of shock you’re not the only one. R&B singer Ray J, also known as Brandy’s ‘little brother’ inked a deal with VH-1 for his very own reality love-search ala’ Flavor of Love this fall. VH1 said it best “We’re looking for single, beautiful women who think they can take (handle) Ray J, a gossip/tabloid heavy playboy known for this infamous sex tape with Kim Kardashian and a much talked about relationship with Whitney Houston.” Slated to air in 2009, Ray J of Love (or so we’ve heard), has ended up becoming a hot topic. A lot of people may be tuning in for this love search. Will Whitney Houston make a cameo ? The exact terms of Ray J’s deal, in essence the dollar amount, has not been disclosed. In addition to inking the reality show, Ray J released a new album under an independent deal distributed through Koch entitled “All I Feel”. The album scored one major hit with “Sexy Can I,” Ray J’s first single to chart in the top 10 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

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