Artist Watch: 2009 New Talent

The 2009 Artist Watch is a group of fresh new R&B talent we believe will have a impact on 2009. Suai (pronounced “sway”) – Classically Smooth Motown planted a seed in Detroit for quality music which was infused in upcoming artist Suai. As an accomplished pianist and guitarist her music has a sound of older soul. Her opportunity to be signed under the Motown umbrella came when, President of Universal Motown, Sylvia Rhone offer her a record deal. Suai has been in the studio working with Ne-Yo, Akon, Dallas Austin, Linda Perry. Listen: to Suai’s buzz records “Stronger When A Woman Loves A Man” Feat. Akon and “Oh Snap I Fell In Love” Did You Know: Suai was featured on President elect Barack Obama’s music compilation ‘Yes We Can: Voices of a Grassroots Movement.’ Livvi Franc – Different Range Livvi Franc is keeping her creative of out of the box is by mixing her musical influences of Pop, R&B, Soca and Country into a intriguing sound. Franc is following join Barbadian artist Rihanna & Shontelle by bring he music stateside after she has developed her artistic style. She land a record deal with Jive Records after recording a demo tape which caught the attention of major U.S. records in which Jive won the bidding war. With bidding war over and the recording process nearing the end, Livvi is now preparing herself for her upcoming single release. Did You Know: Livvi Franc was featured on J-Co hit single “Pon Fire” Lee Carr – Back For Good Lee Carr, a twenty-one year old, singer/songwriter is in his second record deal in his young career. After being released from Russell Simmons defunct label RSMG Carr continued honing his songwriting skills by writing songs artist. Building on his songwriting momentum Carr signed a record deal with Jive Records within twenty-four hours. Listen: The New York native has released a single “Breathe” Did You Know: His first song on a major album was “Act Like You Know” on the Waist Deep soundtrack. LeMarvin – Life Rewards Overcoming obstacles build character and provide great stories; upcoming singer/songwriter LeMarvin has overcome the hood, the Navy and unsuccessful record deal now he is using songs to tell his tales. LeMarvin an, Inglewood native, has life experience beyond his age that he uses to connect and relate to fans. In his fourth record deal with independent label Brookland Entertainment he finally in a solid position to launch his career to mainstream audience. Did You Know: LeMarvin signed with Flyte Tyme Records, owned by veteran producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis Vistoso Bosses (pronounced Vee-sto-so Bosses) – Instant Messenger Young, eccentric and fashionable are a description of Vistoso Bosses. The teen duo of Kelci, the rapper, and Taylah P, the singer, fuse R&B and Hip Hop with a youthful honesty. The almost inseparable cousin’s music dream hit fruition when Mr. Collipark signed them to Collipark Music/Interscope Records. Like fellow label mate Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em, Vistoso Bosses have been feeding their fan base by using the internet as their main channel to socialize with fans. The girls created homemade videos to their popular songs “Delirious” and “Boy Crazy” which became instant favorites on YouTube and Myspace. Listen: to Vistoso Bosses “Delirious” and “Boy Crazy” Did You Know: Vistoso, defined as bright or colorful in Spanish, is the perfect adjective for the brilliant twosome. Kevin “KC” Cossom – Lyrical Reward Kevin “KC” Cossom used his songwriting skills to open the door for his true goal of signing a record deal as a singer. After KC put pen to paper to contribute to songs for Young Steff, Girlicious, Ace Hood, Rick Ross and Chamillionare, Grammy Award producer Danjahandz’s signed to ‘New Age Rocks Stars’ (N.A.R.S) imprint label. KC is preparing is debut album which he describes as a direct reflection of who he is—part urban, part suburban and part spiritual. Listen: to Kevin “KC” Cossom “Hang This Over My Head” Did You Know: Kevin Cossom wrote the hook for Young Jeezy’s “Go Getta” Daniel Paul Merriweather – Blind Talent Daniel Merriweather has traveled as a long road from his native Australia to the flashing lights of New York for to pursue is artistic career. The twenty-six year old crooner, soulful sound caught the ear of music producer Mark Ronson who became a believer enthusiast. Ronson collaborated with Merriweather on a version of The Smiths’ “Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before” which became huge commercial success in the UK. Daniel is currently working on his debut album ‘Love and War’, which will feature production from Ronson. Did You Know: Daniel started playing Suzuki violin when he was four, where basically he learned to play by ear without reading music. Bayje – (pronounced beige) More Than Color Beige is not the usual color used to describe a skin complexion but when Bayje ask her mother “If I’m not black and I’m not white, what am I?” Her mother simply replied, “You’re beige.” Bayje cultural background of Caucasian and African American has influenced more than name but the eclectic mix of Roger and Zapp, Rick James, Led Zeppelin, Genesis, and Rod Stewart which combine for her unique style. Warner Music Group executive, Kevin Liles signed Bayje to Atlantic Records and said “Her music is a reflection of her real-life experiences.” This beautiful singer is ready to be propelled in the world of music as one of the new faces and new voices that will be shinning through the New Year. Listen: to Bayje first single “Find A Way” Maleek – Star Search Most independent artist dream of getting an opportunity to perform with superstars such as Ciara, T-Pain, and T.I. Maleek took advantage of the opportunity to gain experience and turn music executives into fans. After proven that he could hang with the heavyweights Maleek was offered a record deal Scream Star Entertainment in association with Wyclef Jean’s Carnival House Records. As the first artist signed to Scream Star Entertainment he has a will utilize the ‘Scream Tour’ as a platform to help lift-off career. Did You Know: Maleek is the son of Harlem Globetrotter Clarence “Mugsy” Leggett. Laura Izibor – Soul Channel Laura Izibor, an Irish R&B, continues to bring soulful melody from abroad. Her talent has a singer started to rise above the average vocalist when she was in secondary school. She made a strong impact in Ireland in 2006 when she won Hope for 2006 award at the 2006 Meteor Music Awards. Ready to take the world on the soul of Ireland is planning to release her debut album “Let The Truth Be Told” via Atlantic Records in 2009. Listen: to Laura Izibor – “From My Heart To Yours” Did You Know: Laura Izibor was featured on Tyler Perry’s ‘Why Did I Get Married?


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