SOUL RECKLESS 08: Chauncey Hannibal ‘Charged’

2008 became a banner year for former Blackstreet member Chaucey Black (Hannibal) in more ways than one. While the majority of 2008 was a great business year for the singer, the New Year began with an arrest and three years worth of drama flying through nearly every blog, newsroom, and television station including back child support, the alleged destruction of his Virginia Beach home and a pesky little thing called extradition. Arrested while driving in Los Angeles, Hannibal was found to have outstanding warrants and was taken into custody. According to authorities Hannibal peaceful went into custody and flew back to Virginia to face charges for grand larceny, desertion or non-support of a spouse or children, and failure to appear in court on a misdemeanor charge. The most interesting portion of the singer’s case was the alleged ransacking of his home in Virgina. Authorities said Hannibal refused to move out of the home in 2006 and when he finally did he took approximately $58,000 work of counters, sinks, fixtures, and other objects from the home. On a bright note, Hannibal who now calls himself Chauncey Black, signed a deal with Geffen Records where he is to release his solo debut “Church Boy”. A single from the album entitled “Everyday Is Your Birthday” was released over the summer.


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