K-Ci Has No Love For Bill Gates ! After learning that his disaster of a performance overseas had reached the internet and radio, R&B singer K-Ci of Jodeci called in to Hot 97 in August to dispute claims that he and his brother were intoxicated or high on an unknown substance during a concert in Australia where Jojo passed out. In what started out to be a basic interview where K-Ci cleared up what happened with his brother and why he thought his passing out was part of the show, the “All My Life” singer broke into an ‘I hate Bill Gates’ tirade. (Listen Below) Blasting everyone who uses the internet from Bill Gates down, K-Ci said “Shut your mouth. I hate Bill Gates. I hate Bill Gates for inventing the computer or whatever its called. I don’t even mess with it man.” Radio host Rosenberg followed up stating “I’ve come away with two things from this: never question God and ‘F’ Bill Gates.” Courtesy: WorldStarHipHop