Fashion Fads of 2008: Good, Bad and the Ugly

Good: Rocker Chic: Made another huge splash in 2008 aided by stars like Rihanna, Ciara and Chris Brown. Male or female, everybody brought out their inner rock god or goddess in 2008. Bad: Gawdy Accessories: Plastic shades made to look like the blinds in your house? They didn’t really pick up steam in the ’80s and they didn’t in 2008, though the tried valiantly. It also seemed like everyone decided that it would be a good look to wear loud plastic jewelry. Nothing screams Claire’s like loud, plastic jewelry. There’s nothing wrong with going there, we just don’t care to know just how much or how little you spent on your outfit. Ugly: Loud leggings: I know that leggings were the business this year, but just because the gold, silver, leopard skin and zebra pattern leggings are on the rack, it doesn’t mean you have to buy them. Just say no! Good: Gladiator Sandals: For women like myself who can’t walk in heels without looking like they were working the night, gladiator sandals were very glam and very sexy without breaking your ankle. Bad: Lack of originality: There were a couple winners, but it seemed like 2008 tried too hard to be 1988 with the fashions. Let’s hope we can get 2009 some life. Good: Short Do: In 2008, we observed more of our celebrities shedding their long tresses and reverting back to the short do’s. Starlets like Rhianna, Keyshia Cole, and Mary J. Blige all opted for the short-tapered look while Jennifer Hudson went for the shoulder-length bob this year. Will the short do’s make it into 2009? Probably so, short hair is so much easier to maintain for a busy Hollywood starlet who’s schedule requires that she be ready at a moment’s notice! Bad: Mohawk: This year we also observed the re-appearance of the popular 1980’s Mohawk. The Mohawk was brought back into popularity by such stars as Chris Brown, and Musiq Soulchild. Although the Mohawk maintained it’s popularity throughout 2008, it has already lost most of it’s momentum. I doubt that this trend will make its way into 2009. Chris Brown has already shaved his Mohawk for a cleaner, closer look. Good: Big Belt: The big belt from 1980’s fashion also re-emerged in 2008, adding extra flare to any dress or blouse. This fashion accessory became a must-have this year thanks to celebs like Ciara, and Solange. The big belt has become a staple of fashion and will more than likely continue to do so throughout 2009 as well! Bad: Skinny Jeans: Skinny Jeans also became very popular this year. We observed Hollywood female superstars such as Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, and many others sporting a pair of skinny jeans this year. Though the skinny jeans gained much popularity this year, they are already being replaced by the flair-leg jeans. Good: Ballerina Shoes: Ballerina shoes made their way into 2008 as well. As the final piece of the skinny jeans, big belt ensemble, ballerina shoes became a staple in every woman’s shoe collection in 2008. Ballerina shoes are cutest when worn with skinny jeans. If the skinny jeans disappear, I have a feeling that the ballerina shoes won’t be too far behind in 2009.


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