Soul Reckless 08: Dru Hill ‘Break Up To Make Up’

2008 featured some of the most hilarious, shocking, jaw-dropping, and even sheer stupidity-filled moments so why not take a look back. In fact we’ve got 20 memorable moments for you. With just ten days to go until history takes a turn in 2009, we’ll take you through Reckless Souls, a countdown featuring everyone from Dru Hill to R. Kelly and everything in between. Woody, Jazz, Nokio and Sisqo of Dru Hill had major plans for 2008 including a new album, a rumored reality show and a tour. It was however, their questionable radio interview with Baltimore’s 92Q that had people talking, laughing and well…moving on to the next record from Chris Brown. Announcing their reunion on Baltimore’s 92Q in March, Dru Hill seemed content and ready to get back to producing songs like “April Showers,” “These Are The Times” and “How Deep Is Your Love,” but that was cut short within four minutes of their reunion. (Video below) Like several other stars who are set on getting that spotlight by pushing, bending, burning or even painting the envelope red by any means necessary, Dru Hill set out to gain publicity by staging a bad reality show….really bad….just watch ! Sitting down at a radio station which seemingly had a camera in every corner of the room and all of about 10 people surrounding them, Dru Hill talked about being back together for nearly three minutes before Woody, who left the group before, broke into a speech about focusing on his ministry instead of reuniting: “Honestly, I feel like at this time, y’all guys just got it. Y’all don’t need me to be around physically, so I feel like I’ma go do what God called me to do, which is minister and do my gospel thing. At the same time, I’m with y’all in spirit. I’m with y’all every step of the way.” Appearing to be cued up, Sisqo burst into a tantrum, stormed out of the interview, ran to his car and drove off (all followed by a camera man who pans over to film the remaining members). Back in the room the cameraman captures Nokio trying to attack Woody while several men try to pull them apart all while the radio personality is yelling “commercial. commercial”. What a reunion fellas. The funny part about the entire thing was that a second video was released online showing Woody and the rest of the fellas (minus Sisqo) peacefully talking about going on as a group, with Sisqo supposedly calling into apologize minutes later. If you’re confused don’t feel bad, I’m confused just writing about this. It is now December and we still don’t know what is going on with Dru Hill. Are they or aren’t they together. One thing is for sure though, R&B singer Keith Sweat has admitted to working on a Dru Hill reality show….was this supposed to be the pilot episode ? Just for kicks here are both videos: Part I – The Breakup (above) and Part II (the lesser known video, released nearly a month later) The Make Up.


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