Q. Parker Of 112 Speaks Up On Theft Allegations

A month after allegations were first made by 112’s Michael Keith, Q.Parker becomes the latest member, following Slim to address the infamous theft allegations that caused the group to disband — according to Q. the group disbanding is news to him ! “If 112 is broken up, its news to me,” Q. Parker told Atlanta’s V103 after revealing a court case that recently settled the financial dispute. ‘We went to court about this topic and I was exonerated.’ Michael Keith aka Mike of 112 sat down with Singersroom in October citing trust as the reason for the break up: “I love these guys and its no love lost but as a businessman I can’t work with the guys anymore. Money and family are kind of a bad formula. You know how it is with family and money. When you do something like take money from somebody and you’re taking something away from me and my family you negate that trust.” According to the V103 interview Q responds to Mike’s family association by saying : “I agree with Mike on a lot of the things he says. This group is like a marriage, a family, and when there are problems in the family, you work together to try and resolve that.” “I wish that was something Mike would do.” As previously reported on Singersroom, at least three members of 112 including Q. Parker are releasing solo albums this year. The most recent release was from Slim, who dropped “Loves Crazy” this week. There is no word as to when Parker’s debut will be released.


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