Sweat’s ‘Ex-Housewife’ of Atlanta ‘Throws Down,’ Talks Keith, Custody and Reunion

As previously reported on Singersroom, R&B singer Keith Sweat’s ex and mother of three Lisa Wu Hartwell is showing her ‘real’ colors on Bravo’s ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta.’ According to an interview with Essence, Hartwell gets all too real for the upcoming reunion show (airing Nov. 25 on Bravo). “Super drama. When you come after my integrity or my family, then you’re going to see a different person,” Hartwell told the magazine, referring to a sparring match between her and co-star Kim Zolciak. “I’m human and you have to let people know that they can’t just say whatever they want to you.” “People need to know that yes, I’m a businesswoman but I’m also a sparring woman.” Taking a jab at Keith Sweat, her ex-husband, who she says refused to allow their sons the opportunity to appear in the reality series, Hartwell says: “It was a difficult marriage, but it made me stronger and wiser. I don’t believe that I didn’t love myself, but I lacked confidence.” While she reportedly lost custody of the children, two boys with Sweat, Hartwell says she still doesn’t get why Sweat received full custody when she was taking care of his other children as well. “I’ve never done drugs, I don’t party and I helped raise his kids. How do you take my kids when I’m raising yours ?” ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion show airs Nov. 25 on Bravo.


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