Maxwell Just Wanted To Be ‘Regular’ For A Minute (Video)

R&B singer Maxwell is glad to be back in the music game, but admits enjoying his time away. “I just wanted to kind of be a regular person for a minute, and not have to live up to anything from before… writing this album, living life and enjoying anonimity after I cut my hair was great. I kind of enjoyed that.” “The world is so caught up in the `American Idol’ idealistic sort of tendency in regards to just thinking that this whole thing is what everybody wants, but it doesn’t help you make a better record,” the platinum-selling singer says. While Maxwell is still working on his next project, the “Fortunate” singer admits to gaining more experience during his break. “A lot of my absence was based on going out to get life experience. In your 20s you’re just a sketch of what you’re trying to be” he says in an interview with the Associated Press (video below). With his upcoming tour, which has sold out in many areas, Maxwell is ready to share those experiences through three new songs. “I chose only three because I don’t want to bombard people with music they don’t know. Personally I hate when bands do that because I prefer to hear what I like and what I love.” Maxwell’s highly anticipated tour, which now includes five new dates, kicks off Wednesday Oct. 8 in Boston. For Maxwell’s tour dates click here. Video:


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