Hollywood Weekend: Hancock’ Picks Up 71.4 Million, Very Few ‘Meet Dave’

Will Smith’s “Hancock” shined again this weekend amidst a busy week at the box office while very few people decided to “Meet Dave”during it’s opening weekend. Even though “Hancock” fell short of the number one spot which went to “Hellboy II” in the U.S. the film did claim the international circuit grossing an estimated $71.4 million pushing it’s overseas tally to $180.2 million within two weeks. Smith’s second opening weekend reeled in an estimated $21.8 million stemming from first run showings in over 580 screens in Russia and over 750 screens in France which according to the Hollywood Reporter contributed to the films $180.2 million total. Fox’s release of the Eddie Murphy comedy “Meet Dave” came up short in it’s opening weekend. According to the Hollywood Reporter, theater goers decided not to “Meet Dave” and Murphy reportedly did the same when he was a “no show” at his own premiere last week. Opening at $5.3 million “Meet Dave” has been classified a bomb for the actor who ran into similar trouble with his other “space themed ” film “The Adventures of Pluto Nash” which had a similar opening in 2002. Wesley Morris gave Murphy’s film a one-star review in The Boston Globe stating: “There’s a tremendous possibility that Murphy has no friends. What kind of pal would let the star of ‘Pluto Nash’ near another science-fiction comedy?” Murphy is currently working on “A Thousand Words,” a comedy about a guy who only has 1,000 words left to speak before he dies which is due for release next year. Hellboy II won this week’s box office grossing an estimated 35.9 million.


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