Kimora Takes Russell To The Bank, Judge Orders $480k Annually

Hip Hop legend/mogul Russell Simmons got the shock of his life when a judge ordered that he pay $40,000 per month in child support. According to documents obtained by TMZ, the founder of Def Jam and Phat Farm will pay $20,000 a month for each of his two daughters, Ming Lee, 8, and Akoi, 5, through 2019. The child support order stems from his divorce from fashion mogul and Baby Phat founder Kimora Lee earlier this year. According to TMZ, Lee retains sole custody of the girls with Simmons getting the short end of the stick, spending every two months, besides holidays such as his birthday or father’s day with the children. The power couple split in 2006, and filed for divorce this year citing “irreconcilable differences.”


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