Usher Slams Media, Spins Out Of Control On TRL

R&B superstar Usher slammed journalists yesterday while promoting his new album “Here I Stand,” culminating in a what some are calling a “mini-meltdown” on MTV’s TRL. According to several media outlets the star began the day promoting his new album as normal but became agitated when questioned again and again about his wife Tameka Foster, their alleged divorce papers, and the firing of his mother Jonetta Patton last year causing the singer to fire back insisting that his wife doesn’t deserve to be treated so harshly by the press. The now 29- year old singer wed Foster last year and welcomed his first child just a few months later. But the Confessions star has been forced to defend his union on several occasions, admitting the backlash his wife has faced from both fans and the media has definitely “affected” him. He says, “Of course a lot of what I read does affect me. There’s been a lot of untrue statements that have come out. One, my wife’s age. Two, her name. She’s not a Foster, she’s a Raymond. I married her.” Also, the fact that maybe there was some malicious intent on her part with my family or my mother. There’s a lot of transformations that have taken place in my life and unfortunately my wife got a bad beat for it. But I’m very happy. She’s not done anything in a negative way other than make me a better man in life. As a father, as a more conscious individual.” Usher’s frustration spun out of control when he co-hosted TRL, at one point the singer raged, “I love my wife very, very much and there has been a little rumor earlier this week about us separating; it ain’t true.” In footage captured by an Usher fansite the singer zeros in on the camera “As a matter of fact I’m tired of people continuing to talk so much trash about me, my wife and my mother.” After being interrupted by the regular TRL host who jokes “good night everybody from New York,” Usher continues his rant until the network peels away to a commercial with the star saying “I’m not done, can I say something else.” See Video:


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