Is Nick Cannon Right for Mariah Carey?

Just weeks after the “low-key” wedding, one still asks the question did Mariah Carey make the right choice by tying the knot with rapper/actor/producer Nick Cannon who many are now calling a “fame seeker?” According to this week’s issue of In Touch Magazine, Carey, a multi-platinum selling artist married the MTV “Wild-n-Out” star without a pre-nuptial agreement. This after dating for just a few weeks leading many to believe that the relationship will fail sooner than later. Cannon, known for his many high profile breakups including his failed engagement to model Selita Ebanks after just five months last year, has been coined a “fame seeker” by the magazine. He is reportedly infatuated with high profile romances and was quoted saying “Halle Berry would be a good upgrade” in 2005 after he broke up with pop star Christina Milian, who claimed the “Dime Piece” rapper cheated on her throughout their three year relationship. Milian, later released a record aimed at the star in 2006 entitled “Who’s Gonna Ride” fuming about his cheating – “The whole time with different girls, not just one, but different girls. He said to me that these girls helped his ego and made him look good.” Cannon later responded in a statement to MTV calling the release of her diss record a sad day in hip-hop – “I’ve got nothing but love for her. That’s what sells. I think she should really dig deep and tell all the bad stuff I did. I actually like the record, it’s on my ring tone.” Milian is nowhere near Mariah Carey though, “Mimi” is reportedly worth an estimated $225 million, which brings up the question is she helping his ego too or does she make him look good as Milian stated before? “He’s crazy, he falls in love so fast but typically ends it soon because he typically has commitment issues” a close friend of Nick’s told the magazine. Nick’s reputation as a player continues to come up especially after he dated a string of beautiful women including reality star Kim Kardashian, who Cannon broke up with after the sex tape of the star and R&B singer Ray J surfaced. The friend suggests that this time things are different as Nick has never been involved with a woman as powerful as Mariah – “He will do anything to keep hold of Mariah because she’s Mariah,” says the friend later adding, “She’s famous, and he loves that. It’s good for his image.” Partial Credit: In Touch Weekly, MTV News


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